Posted by: Valerie | September 22, 2009

I’m new here!

Autumn colours up the back

This is my first shot at blogging and I am very tentatively looking around to see what’s what. There seems to be a lot to learn.

I believe that I am going to select as a theme my way of life up here in the Kawarthas. If you don’t know where that is, well, it’s between Peterborough to the south and north past the town of Bancroft. Bancroft is about 25km north of our place and there is barely a shop between here and there – and definitely none in the winter months. In summer there are vistors aplenty and lots of events but after Labour Day everything pretty well closes down and we are left to contemplate the coming winter. But enough of winter. For now it is glorious fall. The trees are beginning to turn in earnest and on sunny days the light is so clear and crisp that it makes me want to grab my camera and get out. In fact I often do.


  1. WOW -what p pic. Great blog and good on ya!

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