Posted by: Valerie | September 23, 2009

Dripping day

No, that wouldn’t be the dripping people used to put on their bread in the olden days – it would be the stuff that was leaking from the sky today. More than a leak really – more of a downpour. One of the less appealing aspects of living where we do is the fact that as soon as the weather gets a bit wet or windy – or snowy – all our media pass out. So no TV and no internet for a large part of the morning.

We did have a visit from Ginger, the local feral cat. I have been feeding this fellow for about nine months now and he is still terrified of contact. Just as we seem to be making some progress, something will happen – a door will bang or some other sudden event – and we are back to square one. We are doing better than we ever have at the moment as he actually snatched some food from my fingers this morning. That would be squishy, stinky wet food… Yuck!

Ginger/OliverIt’s my ambition to catch the poor fellow and get him to the vet for neutering and then maybe introducing him into the household. Charlie the cat in residence tolerates him pretty well. If I ever get him domesticated he’ll have to have a new name. I think Oliver would be good as he’s not shy about asking for more!

Tomorrow – the story of the three-legged fox. Can’t wait, can you?


  1. I uploaded a photo of Ginger and it’s disappeared. Help!

  2. Val,

    Trot over to Walmart and buy a cat trap. Bait it and then catch Ginger.. easy!! ( Cat Traps are cheap .. and you may even be able to borrow one from any rescue group.)

    • A trot to Walmart would be a round trip of 100km so it will have to wait till my next trip to Peterborough which is October 19th so not too far away. BTW if you want to do a blog I could set it up for you. It’s dead easy unless you want to get really fancy.

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