Posted by: Valerie | September 25, 2009

Generally Mixed

Tomorrow turned into yesterday and now it’s today. That may seem obscure but you can work it out.

As the heading indicates it’s been a difficult day with some bright patches. I will not go into details about the hideous red tapery that I have gone through in an attempt to send  off my application for a renewal of my British passport. $230 US too. Suffice it to say that my patience was shot and my nerves frazzled by the time I left to go to town for a haircut. Thought I’d better get a coffee as it was lunch time. Parked outside the coffee shop. Thought I’d tidy up the messy parking job that I did – and crunched the back end of the car on a telephone pole. Not good. Things improved a bit after that.

So now for the fox story that I promised two yesterdays ago. Here he is. Of course he posed for me to draw his portrait! I have seen him several times in broad daylight, bold as you like, walking at a pace down our driveway. This is unusual as foxes are normally rather shy. What was different about this particular Renard was the fact that he was injured and trotting on only three legs. He seemed to be managing just fine though.

Our Fox


I had to visit the vet with our permanent puss, Charlie, and mentioned to the vet that I was concerned that perhaps he was rabid – the fox, not Charlie. He shook his head which I took as a positive sign – the vet is Indian and I believe that a head shake means yes as opposed to no. Of course, given that he is also a Canadian, that might negate the positive as it were… He suggested that I contact the Ministry of Natural Resources to report the fox sightings. Rabies is of course an important concern and the (same) local vet has a big “Get your animal a rabies shot” campaign going. Three days later I got a call-back from the MNR who were very laid-back about the situation as apparently rabies is extremely rare in Ontario. I was pleased to hear that. Then I began to wonder why I’d just paid the vet a healthy whack of cash to protect my cat from this very rare disease. Ho-hum. So it goes… A nod in the direction of Kurt Vonnegut Jnr. about whom I have not though in many a moon.


  1. As we found out when Peter was bitten by a dog recently, rabies IS rare in Ontario. But that’s because you vaccinate your cat!

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