Posted by: Valerie | September 26, 2009

Taste – Expensive!

Just for a change, we decided to take little trip today. A really frosty night gave a sharp nip to a bright and crisp late September morning. As we set off early the steam was rising in very photographable wisps from the lakes but we were hungry, having decided to stop for breakfast at our favourite Hungarian greasy spoon on Highway 62, going south.  No time for photography. By the time we reached the restaurant, we were ready to chew up the dashboard. Imagine our dismay we found it had closed down – not for the season which is not uncommon round here – but forever and ever! No more paprikas csirke and palacsinta for Joe. No poached eggs either.  So we had to roll on and on down to Highwy 7 where there is a huge Tim Horton’s. There was a long line-up and nothing happening although there were nine – yes, we counted them – behind the counter. You know the rest – there’s not really anything more to say on the subject of TH.

Our destination was Picton in Prince Edward County and we did finally arrive there after I closed down the Tom Tom and picked up a map. We had tickets for Taste – the food and wine festival. $50 for the tickets to get in and they gave us a wine glass and $5.00 of tickets. Every tiny little nibble was $2 t0 $4! So we had a small glass of Prince Edward County wine and some not terribly exciting tiny nibbles. We shared a tiny bison meat pie and blew a few tickets on some (tiny) quite nice smoked lamb shreds on mint waffle. We did however buy some gorgeous veggies for real money and they were huge and cheap!

Something worth a mention though was the gold painted chocolates – I’m not kidding, they really were hand-painted with edible gold! I expect they were a real deal at $2.00 each!

Aren't they beautiful?

Aren't they beautiful?


Enough said, we left the place considerably poorer, having driven 200km or so, and still hungry! Then the weather clouded over so we found some proper lunch in a pub and came home.

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