Posted by: Valerie | September 27, 2009

Laid-back Sunday – sort of…

It was pouring rain when we got up this morning, and for most of the day. This of course was Bad. Not because we would get wet but because that meant that the TV satellite dish was down. And Sunday is a big day for football on the box for Joe. Of course, I mean soccer as it is strangely called over here.  Joe is an avid fan of Manchester United so his team usually wins. James, son #2, is equally enthusiastic about Liverpool F. C. and even has a full tattoo of their logo on his upper arm. Joe draws the line at tattoos being 76 years old! Liver FC

The best team in the world, I'm told!

The best team in the world, I'm told!

Really ticked off, Joe decided to do battle with the satellite company who of course denied the problem was even possible. Eventually however they did agree to send a techie out on Tuesday when it will no doubt be sunny and therefore the problem will have disappeared.

Then there was Jason’s arrival. Jason is a computer nerd who comes to the house and fixes stuff. Joe and I both had issues that needed attention so he was most welcome.  When I describe him as a nerd you probably had a picture of a skinny little runt with thin greasy hair, didn’t you? Au contraire! Jason is enormous, every way round. He has a big lion’s head with a mane of longish curly dark hair and the tiniest nose you ever did see. But good enough for sniffing our problems on our machines, I’m pleased to say. Very smart guy and didn’t talk to me as if I were a some  sort of aged mental retard.

After Jason, we sat down to discover all the things on the computers that had worked before Jason’s visit, and now weren’t working properly. So I did some after-fixing fixing.  Hopefully we’re in the clear.

Then to finishing off the final edit of Joe’s book. Done – it’s supposed to go the printer tomorrow but I’m having a problem with getting the final PDF in proper shape. It has messed up some of the formatting. Ah me…

I”ve had a great idea about Joe’s book. It will definitely be printed but I also think that I will publish as a serial blog. Maybe some people who would not normally read it, will give it a glance. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s the story about his escape from Hungary after the Revolution in 1956.

Would you read it? You may answer truthfully

Not too fascinating a day – hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting.



  1. I hope the nerd with the tiniest nose you ever did see does not read Blogs or maybe next time your computers will not work so well after he leaves.
    I will read the book in whatever format it comes in!!

  2. I surely would read Joe’s adventures. I am a real fan of true adventure, especially as it relates to war. I am reading The Lost now. It takes me to a place that makes me feel very sad, but I keep reading for some kind of redemption.

    I remember helping a young mother that came to Moncton from Hungary. I gave her my carriage and crib and baby stuff. She couldn’t speak English
    and I don’t know her name now, but she was getting set up in an apartment and hoping for a new safe life in this wonderful country. I could see it in her eyes.I’ll neer know what happened to her or her children as she didn’t stay in Moncton long. But I got pregnant shortly after and had to get a new crib and pram etc. Ha. My first ones were purchased with war savings certificates.

    Aunt Ellie (in my book) gave me 25 cents a week to buy war savings stamps.

    I listen every night to hear Poland and Csk. on the radio. They are apparently booming with tourists etc. Speaking English in the schools, etc. How about Hungary? It’s a part of the world I know very little about.

  3. Sure, I’d be interested. Just downloaded a series of BBC TV shows about the 2oth century history and background of central, eastern Europe that makes Africa and the middle east sound like havens of sanity and peace.
    Nice blog and fox drawing.:)

  4. I will certainly give it a whirl!

    You can get more traffic by posting comments on other peoples’ blogs. Also go to a place like Technorati and use key words to generate traffic.

  5. Of COURSE I would read it! In fact, I’d like an autographed copy 😉

    Love the blog mum!


  6. Of course I would love to read it. I would also love to meet Joe one of these days, if I can ever get to the other side of the rockies! Love the fox story – as he sounds as though he needs some help you can find fox food in local feed stores, and as you live in the boonies, I would imagine you would have your choice of feed stores, if not restaurants.


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