Posted by: Valerie | October 1, 2009

Thinking – too much thinking!

Blogging every day is great idea but a bit impractical as nothing much happens here day to day so what to write about? Also as they say in the world of blogging “content is king”. I don’t want to bore you to death or you’ll never return.

I have spent three whole days trying to get Joe’s book into a good PDF file. No good. I have had to reformat the entire thing. The printer now has it again but has been curiously silent since I sent it. We’re using a Hungarian company in Toronto and the woman I am dealing with doesn’t speak terribly good English. I am uncomfortable…

Other that, the biggest event of the last couple of days has been the news of poor Katherine, Joe’s granddaughter. Katherine is doing her Masters at RMC in Kingston – astro-physics, no less – and she is an all-round athlete. She has just torn a ligament in knee for a third time; twice playing soccerand this time playing volleyball. This will be her third surgery and she’s only got two knees. We have advised her to take up chess in her leisure time.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she lovely?

Proud Papa with Katherine

Proud Papa at Kat's RMC graduation

Tomorrow will be an exciting day and that is the day we drive to Bancroft for our weekly shopping trip – the highlight of our week I can tell you. No, don’t worry I’m not going to publish the shopping list.

Is everyone as disgusted as I am by the ex-Bishop of Antigonish? It’s time the Catholic Church either cleaned house properly or closed the shop and did something useful for the human race with its obscene wealth!


  1. Don’t get me going on the Catholic church, Val–as an ex Catholic (remember they never allow you to get away, you are either a Catholic or an ex-Catholic) I have been vociferous against them and all other religions going on , well, many years!!
    I hope they castrate him.

    However I read in one article that he was caught by a “random search” of his computer at the airport. How can they do this? If my computer isn’t go to blow up what right do they have to a search? Is there something I am missing about Canadian freedom?

  2. Val just a couple of errors in your “Katherine” segment, this will be her sixth sergery and she injured he knees playing Basketball 1st then soccer and this time volleyball.
    Keep up the blogging it sure beats playing word drop!!

    • Thanks for the correction, Liz. SIX surgeries is FAR too much.

  3. Dee Sturber?

    Wonder where that came from?
    I have been reading your blog and am amazed at all the content from someone who says nothing happens in a day. Not true. You appear to have
    a wonderfully full life. Deer etc., in your yard and
    those wonderful apples growing so bravely.
    I know the feeling about wanting to sell in the winter but forget about it in the spring.

    I want to build a smaller house and have a little plan that would be “just right” but will likely not get to it.

    Land is so expensive around here, and there used to be an old saying, “You don’t sell land, you buy it.”

    The acre and house behind us is for sale and I look at it longingly as it would be so nice to own two acres and both on corner lots. The house is not up to much but the price is low. One would have to renovate completely to make it satisfactory. It needs a new furnace and new roof. Was one of the first houses in here 25 years ago. I am told I don’t need it!!! I just keep thinking those thoughts.

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