Posted by: Valerie | October 2, 2009

Friday Fun

It was a crisp, nippy autumn morning when Joe tried to wake me this morning. I knew it was nippy because my nose was cold. Seemed that I should warm my nose up before I put foot to floor so I buried my head deep in the covers and grabbed another few minutes. Of course Friday is Shopping Day so I couldn’t linger too long.

Bancroft was surprisingly un-busy today. I suppose we’re back to just the local population, the visitors having gone. Some may return for Thanksgiving and to close up their cottages. We get our town back but the other side of that is that the two small diners and the Fox and Hounds pub on Paudash Lake close their doors until next May. That means there is not a bite to be had within 25km – as we discovered during an extended power outage last year. Power outages are a regular occurence out here in the boonies as trees crash down on the hydro lines. Oh, I am so looking forward to winter.

But autumn is lovely and we are enjoying a great crop of apples from the old tree in the front yard. I have no idea at all how this tree manages to keep producing. It must be 100 years old, the trunk is almost completely hollow and rotten. Every year Joe says he is going to cut it down and then it blooms profusely and we say “let’s give it one more year”. The apples are enormous and some weigh as much as half a pound. We have to prop the branches up with two-by-fours to keep the weight from pulling the tree down! They are excellent apples though and we get what hasn’t been savaged by the bluejays, the racoons and the deer, all of whom know our proprty as a place worth visiting.

Lovely big juicy apples

Lovely big juicy apples

We have a lot of deer on the property and they make free with anything they fancy. This has included my entire tomato crop and all my sunflowers. Deer may be lovely but they really are a pest. Occasionally we get a moose but so far I haven’t seen one close up although I have seen their enormous footprints around the yard. Moose-hunting starts very soon, October 10th I think, so I guess we are going to be hearing some banging in the woods. Fortunately the guy who owns the land behind us is absolutely against hunting on his property and so are we. Even though they cause havoc in the garden, they are not going to beĀ killed here.

A common visitor

A common visitor

We are total hypocrites of course because we do enjoy eating the poor beasties. We have a neighbour who hunts. I think the family is pretty hard up for money so once when we were having a yard sale, they wanted to buy a bookcase I was getting rid of and they offered to make payment in venison! We said yes and it was quite delicious.


  1. I know, I am still (forever?) conflicted about eating some animals. Like k.d. lang says, how come we call some animals pets and some dinner?

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