Posted by: Valerie | October 4, 2009

Something about Sunday

That is, Sun-day. So where was the sun? It did peep through a little bit this afternoon and I vainly hung some sheets out to dry. They didn’t.  The garden is getting  to the stage when I have to think about putting it to bed for the winter. There are still some antirrhinums in bloom, a few Michaelmas daisies, some small sunflowers and a few cosmos still hanging on. I will not shorten their lives by even a minute if I can help it. I was considering buying a whole batch of tulip bulbs to make up for last spring’s poor showing . However I was shocked to see that they are selling for three bulbs for $10 – ridiculous. I’ll plant something else. My kitchen window looks onto the flowerbeds and the hill behind. It makes washing dishes more pleasant.

The hill I see from my kitchen window

The hill I see from my kitchen window

Since I have lived here – seven years – I have not had a dishwasher. This is not really because I’m an eco-nut or a miser but more on account of the fact that when Joe and I renovated the kitchen in 2003, we didn’t have sufficient water pressure to run one. Then of course we had a new well drilled and the water pressure now pastes you to the back of shower if you’re not careful. Well, that was pretty interesting, wasn’t it!

What else? I didn’t see a deer today, nor a fox and nary a moose or racoon. I saw Joe sitting on an ancient, disgusting old chair down the yard, burning garbage in an old oil drum.

Joe burning the garbage

Joe burning the garbage

I do think Joe quite enjoys burning stuff. I think he meditates upon the flames. The big stuff is still to come though. There is an old sand quarry on the land where all the old lumber and cut-down brush and poplars and kept for a special Big Bonfire in October. It might even be next weekend when the family is here for Thanksgiving. About time I started meditating on what we are going to eat!


  1. My kitchen sink faces a tiled wall–if it faced flowerbeds or outside to the garden I would have no objection to doing the dishes by hand. As it is–dishwashers rule!!

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