Posted by: Valerie | October 7, 2009

It’s coming together…

Hey, I actually made some progress today – feels good! You know how sometimes, despite best intentions, time just flitters away? Well, today I managed to make use of every minute – profitably even. The printer has been in communication and apart from getting the title of Joe’s book wrong on the spine, she seems to be doing a reasonably good job. We’re not quite there yet but the finishing post is in sight. Then there will another book to be dealt with but with less involvement from me as it is in Hungarian. It’s the story of Joe’s early life of terrible poverty in Budapest in the late 30s and during the war. My job will be lay-out and embedding pictures. Sneaky things, pictures. They drift away when you’re not looking and bury their captions under piles of text. Actually I’m going to take the whole text and dump it into MS Publisher where it will be more controllable. Sorry for the techie stuff.

Although the weather was rather dreich (good Scots word) again today but we went for a walk in the woods. Charlie was with us as usual but we got him ever so confused by walking the wrong way round the loop we usually take. We were pretty well at the halfway point when I noticed, strolling towards us, a big fat porcupine. He certainly didn’t look particularly alarmed by our presence but Charlie saw him and immediately bushed right up like a Hallowe’en cat and I thought we might be in for trouble. Wanting to save our kitty from a painful injection of porcupine spines, and ourselves from a painful vet bill for removing them, we further confused the cat by reversing our direction and leaving the porcupine to go about its leisurely business. No wonder so many get squished on the road, they go so slowly.

Our pricky pal, Pete, the Porc

Our pricky pal, Pete, the Porc

It was a busy day around the Bradford/Winsor Nature Zoo. Two pretty deer were in the garden this morning, chomping apples again. Ginger/Oliver turned up for dinner this evening and as I reliably always do, I laid out a fine repast for him at which he launched himself enthusiastically. I guess I gave him too much and he left some on his plate for later there was a hell of a racket just outside the living-room window. I knew Charlie was outside so I wondered what he’d got himself into and hurried to find three raccoons in the porch fighting over Ginger/Oliver’s leavings. I despatched them rapidly so no time for cameras and cute raccoon shots. Have you seentheir fingernails? Also they have a nasty habit of pooping while they eat. Not this time, I’m glad to see.

The evening has been spent working out menus for the Thanksgiving weekend. Planning is necessary when you can’t just pop to the store for something you forgot. Jamie, Angela, Deklin and Magnus the Golden come on Friday. First visit for the new baby. I’m excited


Monarch of All He Surveys

Monarch of All He Surveys


  1. Nice cat-in-the-tree shot!

    When she was young and we lived in the country, Uma once spotted a porkypine and chased after him before I could grab her. Lucky for all of us, he ran fast and scooted up a tree before she could get to him. So they can move quickly if they need to.

    • Do you ever miss living in the country, Julia? I think it must be my Gemini nature – I miss Ottawa quite a lot but I do love it here and I know I would miss it like crazy if I lived in town full time. The ideal would be have a pied a terre in town and spend the winter in the city and the summer in the country.

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