Posted by: Valerie | October 12, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Post

Over again for another year. The feast has been consumed and the dishes have been washed and put away and even the tablecloth has been through the washer. The visitors left yesterday and it was a very pleasant and enjoyable time. Jamie, Angela and baby Deklin arrived on Friday afternoon, with Magnus the Great Golden of course. We pretty well stuffed ourselves from then on until they left on Sunday after dinner. I am not going to provide a list of what we ate save to mention that James brought an absolutely enormous smoked organic ham. We ate only a little of it and sent the rest back to Ottawa with them and several meals no doubt will be consumed by their friends. In their group it seems that it is the guys that do the cooking. Most of James’ friends are excellent cooks and take on some pretty high-end menus.

Wee Deklin is almost three months old now and has settled down nicely. He eats well, sleeps well at night and is reacting to his surroundings. We had lots of fun with him. He is perfectly adorable. Being a Grandma seems a fine thing!

Deklin sharing a chuckle with me

Deklin sharing a chuckle with me



On Saturday Jamie, Angela and I went into Bancroft to inspect some sales and gift shops. The primary draw was a very unique and eclectic little shop call The Old Tin Shed – you can visit too at . We always go there when Angela visits. Then we visited the Century Shoppe (sic) where everything was at half-price. I do know that they are trying to sell the place so perhaps they were trying to reduce inventory – or maybe just making room for Christmas stock. They sell a great variety of things from antique furniture to gorgeous hats. Angela bought three glorious hats and had her eye on a loveseat for their hall that was definitely too big for their car. Meanwhile a rather strange woman tried to persuade me to join The Red Hat Society. I  suppose it might be a way of getting to know more people but I’m really not a joiner…

Angela in one of the new hats

Angela in one of the new hats




After a delightful light lunch at Bancroft’s only Bistro we made it home to see how Joe and Magnus had fared. It was very quiet when we returned, Joe involved in a movie and Magnus not to be found. Then he was discovered – sleeping on the visitors’ bed – which I suppose would have been forgivable but for the fact that he was still wet from a morning swim when he decided to curl up for that particular nap.

Bed with bad wet golden retriever

Bed with bad wet golden retriever

The weather changed on Sunday afternoon. What had been a bright crisp autumn morning became socked in with black clouds from which nasty white stuff fell. I’m pleased to report that it did not stick around but soon…

Although neither Joe or I has a formal J-o-b, Monday felt like a bonus day and we didn’t do much of anything. Laundry and some tidying up in the garden was about the sum of it. Leftovers for dinner. Fine.

Tomorrow I will be back at my desk after going to have some blood sucked in Bancroft first thing. I hope Cindy, my favourite blood-sucker, is on tomorrow because she seems to be the only one who can get my blood first shot without poking around in my elbow for ten minutes and leaving me with violent purple bruises.

But tomorrow is another day – who knows what it will bring.


  1. I can tell you that you are NOT a Red Hat person–AT ALL. I am also not a joiner but unless the Canadian Red Hatters are diametrically opposite to the Americans (which is actually a possiblity) I don’t see you fitting in. I mean that as a compliment!! Since on Facebook your religious sensibilities were described as Pagan, I would say that the only connection you would have, may be, that none of them intends to go quietly into the night either.

  2. I cannot imagine that the Canadian Red Hatters are much different from their American cousins, so you’re right – I won’t be joining. Anyway red doesn’t suit me. I always swore I would get a motor bike when I reached 70 and go on a cross-country jaunt. I wonder if I will… Actually I think a Mini Cooper would be more my style. And I will wear purple feathers.

  3. Maggie belonged to the Red Hats but I don’t know if she still goes out with them. You’ll have to ask Art. As far as the “bad dog” goes, I suppose you could have shut the door! 😉

    • Yes, I agree – but Joe was in charge and it would never occur to him. As long as the dog wasn’t leaping around destroying things, that would be fine with Joe. Ho

  4. How about a trip to AZ in that Mini?–or a bike with a sidecar–now that would be fun!!

    • Whoo-hoo! That would be a trip! I think I’ll have the mini rather than the bike though.

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