Posted by: Valerie | October 14, 2009

Ho-Hum Black Thumb

That’s right – I’ve got black thumb disease. It struck a couple of nights ago just when I was finishing my last post. I suddenly noticed that my thumb looked extremely peculiar. I knew I hadn’t bumped or banged it, it didn’t hurt and it wasn’t swollen – it was just black. Approximately 2 inches of it. I figured it would no doubt have disappeared by morning. Not so. It was just as odd and black next day.

Less black today

Less black today

That was the day I had to go for bloodwork at the local vampire lab so I figured I’d better get my platelets checked as I have a nasty disorder called ITP in my not too distant past that almost carried me off in 2003. It manifests itself with my auto-immune system destroying the platelets in my blood and preventing my blood from clotting. My wee brother Robin saw me at that time and said I looked just like a Dalmatian dog. Made me feel a lot better.

As I didn’t have a call from the doc today I assume my platelet count must be OK. My GP has installed a telephone barrier that requires one to go through three different stages to finally end up getting a message to say they will get back to me within 48 hours. We’ll see.

Meanwhile as witness the photo, the black thumb is fading somewhat. I guess we’ll just have to write it off as a mystery.

It was ccccooolllldddd today. We woke up to a light snow this morning and the cat didn’t want to go out. A sure sign of the approaching winter. 

It's north up here!

It's north up here!

No cute stories about local wildlife today. Only thing I can tell is the raccoons got in to the covered patio and ripped up a bag of garbage that we left out accidentally. Sometimes you have to pay for carelessness and we did. Raccoons are dirty little buggers as they poop with joy as they get into the garbage so we had that to deal with too. Not cute at all.

I know Joe is waiting to use the laptop so I will not be going on too long tonight. But I must mention the wonderful book I am reading. The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Jamie passed this one on to me and another called The Little Friend. Both are wonderful. I do hope she’s working on some more because I could get addicted. She is simply an amazing writer.


  1. Love the new photo–love the hat.

  2. Love reading you blog. I was worried to read about your thumb.What happened in 2003?

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