Posted by: Valerie | October 16, 2009

Need a Snappy Title

Some days a title just pops into my mind and well, some days it doesn’t. This is a latter day. Maybe when I’ve blethered on for a bit, one will appear.

After all the fun and excitement of the Thanksgiving weekend, it’s been pretty dull round these parts. It has got really cold and I pulled out my winter jacket today. Joe went looking for boots that he will be able to walk lightly in. His present monsters are waterproof and warm but they weigh about five pounds each! This makes going for walks in the winter in the snow pretty hard work. Joe has huge feet however and the local Canadian Tire cannot accommodate size 13. So we’ll have to look in the city. I have to go to Peterborough (200km round trip) for some tests next week so we’ll continue the hunt. Poor guy is treated a bit like a Sasquatch by people in shoe stores.

Talking of which, I am really pissed off with the health system. I have a really busy week coming up and my appointment (stress test and whatever) was scheduled for Monday. Tonight – Friday – after 6.00 pm – I got an automated call telling me that my appointment had been changed to Tuesday. I had no chance to argue. No reason was given. As things are arranged at present we are going to visit Joe’s daughter in Oshawa on Tuesday. So it’s not just our schedule that gets messed up, it’s theirs too. Gggggrrrr!

Also on medical matters, this was flu shot day for the over 65s (which I reluctantly joined a year ago). Read cattle call for seniors, all lined up in the hallway outside the doctor’s office – and all getting anxious that someone else would get their turn. A harried nurse was juggling paperwork and trying to avert a senior uproar. Such excitement. Now I have a sore arm. Soon we will have to do this again for the H1N1 shot but that isn’t released for another couple of weeks. I’m not sure about getting that one though, not being young and/or pregnant.

Our weekly shopping trip took in a visit to the bulk store to see Alice.  Alice is a Mennonite woman who helps out of Fridays. Bancroft is rather over-supplied with religion, having, I believe, 11 churches for 3,500 people. We have every sort you might wish for – as long as you don’t go too far east. There are lot of Jehovah’s around and there is also a large Mennonite colony. They are extremely hard-working and run several businesses in town. The women in particular are noticeable because of the “plain” dress and little caps that they wear. Our Mennonites are not “Old Order” and do have electricity and drive cars. Their kids don’t go to normal schools though. Old Order Mennonites are down in southern Ontario, having spread up from Pennsylvania in the mid 19th century. It is really quaint to see their horses and buggies tied up outside their churches but I do wonder if they get annoyed by being treated as “sights”.

Alice was wearing this dress today

Alice was wearing this dress today

Back to Alice – she is a small, rather mousey woman, with a sharp face and a soft voice. She looks rather timid and gets a bit flustered when I buy something she’s not familiar with. I was really surprised when I learned that she has been a missionary in India for two terms and is an expert cook of Indian food – which is my absolute favourite. Previously mentioned, as I recall. I just have to work out how to get some!

Just to finish off, here is a little Mennonite  poem “That needle poking to and fro, Means so much more than you may know. Each snap, each button, each shirt, each dress, contains something you’ll never guess. Each garment Mom makes, from the start, contains a small piece of her heart. With every snip she adds her love, and whispers a prayer to God above. Dear Father, bless the one who wears this, protect and guide them with Your kindness. Give them strength from day to day. That from all sin they’ll turn away. Then into each and every seam. She presses in her fondest dream. That each one in her family. Will join her in eternity. So next time Mom makes you any clothes, Know that, in it, her love shows. It’s more than just a thing to wear, It’s a symbol of Mom’s loving care.”


  1. Just fyi, as their whole name is “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and because Jehovah means God, they are referred to in short as “Witnesses”.

  2. Val–I don’t wish to hear any complaints about your health care (I know that is harsh as your plans are scuppered). Bill and I pay $2,200 a MONTH–that is NOT a typo–and would be happy to stand in line to get it cheaper. I know our taxes would be higher but surely not that much higher?
    Have just knitted my grandchild a sweater–that prayer is lovely–even though I don’t believe in any of that as you know!! I just deleted the word rubbish but in retrospect as you know me soooo well I leave the thought with you.

    • Actually I did know that, Julia. It’s just my way to mess around with words and titles. Maybe I should sharpen up.

      Pauline – I am really SHOCKED! I knew it was bad but not that bad! I will never complain again, never! We have an amazing health care system. Julia, who also commented on my post, will attest to that too!

  3. I never thought I would look forward to being 65–but I am. That is when the Govt. takes over some of the costs. It will probably reduce to about $200 a month–but the problem of marrying a younger man(if there is a problem) is that Bill is not eligible for another 4 years. Roll on next June!!
    You are the wordy one? (I know I should say the “one who is good with words”)–how about coming up with a pagans version of the Mennonite poem?

  4. As an over-65er, do you need the H1N1 shot? I thought you were immune when you got to that age–or at least that’s what the CBC would have us believe!

    I’ll be in the high priority list for the H1N1 when it finally comes out, along with the similarly enfeebled.

  5. No, I’m not sure I need the H1N1 vac either and I tend to think I will avoid it. You are dead right that you should be first in the queue though! Hopefully you’re feeling OK. Got to get out for a walk now – lovely day today, though nippy.

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