Posted by: Valerie | October 18, 2009

Crisp freshly picked apples and crunchy leaves

Just a beautiful autumn weekend. Cool but bright and sunny with the air so clear you could see right to the Atlantic Ocean if the earth didn’t have that curve.

It was take-it-easy weekend for us, resting in advance of a madly busy week to come. Yesterday we took a new walk instead of the usual loop on our own property. We explored a nearby forestry road but we didn’t find the end. There were a few vehicles – maybe three – but the greatest annoyance was a young lad on an ATV, kicking up dust and a big stink of fuel.

Leaves floating on pond

Leaves floating on pond

The terrain was pretty rough, full of deep hollows choked with leaves. Far down in one hollow Joe spoThe helmet without a headtted a crash helmet – fortunately no accompanying corpse! I have a good zoom on my camera so I was able to catch it. A bit spooky altogether though.

There was a definite need for a dog on this walk. we talk about getting a dog constantly and would like to get a pound pup or other rescue dog. Then we remember that we like to go away a lot and there really is no-one around here to leave a dog with so it would be kennels every time – and I’m not keen on that either.

Another, shorter walk today but with a steep climb included. Always makes me aware of how fit I am not when puffing up a steep hill. Joe is 10 years older than I am but always puts me to shame on the hills although I can outdo him on the flat.

The magnificent apples from our ancient and decrepit tree in the front yard are now all gathered in and we’ve been a consuming a great deal of cooked apples in one form or another. The deer have given up looking for windfalls although there are a few high ones that no doubt the bluejays will make short work of.

Still a fair bit of pre-winter tidy-up to attend to but it will have to wait until next week as this week is going to be busy as mentioned. Tomorrow we drive to Oshawa to visit Joe’s daughter Liz and her mother-in-law Thelma who is visiting from Calgary. Thelma is a very fine artist and although 86, is still teaching art and whizzing around the country. I like her.

Tuesday is the day for a  stress test in Peterborough. It will be in two parts and will take the whole day – another day written off. I may get some work done on Wednesday morning but we’re having a visitor in the afternoon and on Thursday I meet up with my daughter Anna and her husband who are in Ontario from Calgary to run the Toronto Marathon. It was today – I haven’t heard how they fared yet.  We will all then proceed to Ottawa to Jamie and Angela and the baby for a couple of days and Anna and Tim will drop me back home on their way back to To. to catch the plane home. Whew!

Got to add one more photograph. This one I took early this morning of probably what is our one remaining flower and from the look of it, it ain’t going to be there tomorrow.

Frozen flower

Frozen flower



  1. Nothing like your own apples.

    That’s sure a fair bit of frost on that flower! Mine are all gone from frost bite but I haven’t see the crystals doing the deed.

    • Yes, I thought it was rather a sad sight. It really is beginning to feel inevitable – winter, I mean.

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