Posted by: Valerie | October 25, 2009

Scooting About

It’s been almost a week since my last post and I would normally feel compelled to perform some self-flagellation but I’m going to let myself off as it was incredibly bissssie!

The week started with total confusion. You may recall from Friday that my Monday specialist appointments were changed to Tuesday so our planned Tuesday trip to Oshawa to see Joe’s daughter were switched to Monday. Got it so far? Stay with me! So we set off for Oshawa, stopped for breakfast on the way. Something made me phone the clinic where I had the appointments to be told that only one of my appointments had been changed. The other one was due in an hour. Could I make it as they couldn’t give me another appointment till late December. Everything changed again but eventually it all worked out OK as I got all three of my appointments on the same day and Liz and company came to Peterborough for lunch. There was further confusion to be dealt with but I won’t bore you, dear reader, further.

Now for the fun part. Wednesday I packed up and jumped into the van for a trip to Ottawa as my daughter Anna and Tim, her husband were coming from Calgary, via Toronto where they ran the marathon last Sunday, to stay at Jamie and Angela’s and meet the baby. Of course it was lovely to see them all and Deklin charmed everyone.

Thursday was a downpour and there were five adults, a baby, an over-sized Golden Retriever and two cats all stuffed into Jamie and Ange’s living-room so we slotted all our selves into our van and went for a drive. Except that we could not reach a consensus on a desirable destination so on and on I drove in rain that was coming back up as fast as it was falling.  It so happened that we went to Wakefield, took a look at the Mill, decided it would be more expensive that we were up for and settled for a late lunch in the old station. Very good it was too.

Anna, Jamie and Deklin at lunch

Anna, Jamie and Deklin at lunch

Although we drove up to the old cemetery on top of a hill where Lester Pearson is buried no-one wanted to get out of the car to visit him.

Anna plays with Deklin

Anna plays with Deklin

Anna and Tim had to leave for Toronto on Friday morning so I had a busy day flying from one end of Ottawa to the other, seeing friends and doing  errands. I’m always ready to come home after a few days in the big city and I was off home again on Saturday morning. I had a stop to visit my friend Rosemary at her wonderful organic farm just west of Perth. We had tea and chatted and she plied me with yak sausages and lovely natural wool from her own sheep.
Poor Joe had been left all alone with Charlie the cat but they both seemed none the worse for it. Of course there had been an animal drama. Joe found Charlie standing on the table on the patio in full bushed-up mode. He was really scared – of a visiting moose in the driveway. As usual I didn’t see it and Joe didn’t get a shot of it as by the time he’d found his camera it had moved on. I saw the mooseprints though and they are bloody enormous!
Today’s drama – Charlie (again, I missed the best bit, being still asleep as it enfolded!) brought a large and very dead spruce grouse to the door, silently requesting that it might be added to the menu. We couldn’t possibly imagine how a small cat could have caught, killed and carried such a large bird. But then we remembered that every year a number of these dopey birds fly into windows and knock themselves senseless. Presumably  this one actually managed to off itself and Charlie happened by and seized the opportunity. Think big, he does!
Breakfast Charlie-style.

Breakfast Charlie-style.


  1. Poor bird! Quite a mouthful for a cat.

    Back in grade 7, we were taught mnemonic devices for remembering spelling. I still remember some of them, they were that effective!
    ‘She said, “EEE” as she ran through the cemetery.’
    ‘He shot a bullet in the bulletin board.’
    Ah the good old days.

    • Thanks for pointing out the deliberate mistake! Did you also have a mnemonic for “mnemonic”?

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