Posted by: Valerie | November 8, 2009

Minor miseries and milkweed

Another weekend has come and gone. It’s Sunday evening and Joe has found a multi-episode National Geographic special on the Second World War which he will watch all evening – in fact, I’ve just noticed that he is recording it so that means it can be enjoyed all over again. Ah me…

 Having boasted unwisely about the ease with which we got our H1N1 flu shots on Friday, I have had reason to regret it since as I have been having all sorts of aches and pains and general miseries. Joe however is just fine. I think he has the constitution of an ox – with wobbly knees.


Look! No lines for a flu shot here.

It has been a lovely weekend, weather-wise but I really didn’t feel like going out to enjoy it.  I did go up the hill into the bush yesterday and it was a sore trek. I did find these milkweed seed pods spilling out their lovely seeds into the warm breeze.  I always take my camera in case I see something worth recording and usually there is something that I want to photograph.

This week should bring some excitement as Joe’s book is printed and is being shipped as I write. It has been a long haul – especially dealing with a printer in Toronto that I did not quite trust. Fingers and toes are tightly crossed but I am not really expecting a problem as many drafts have been tinkered with and approved. I think we have called it short in only printing 25 copies as lots of people have indicated an interest in getting a copy. But then if we had ordered too many, we’d only be stuck with a pile gathering dust. I am not expecting it to be a best-seller! Now Joe is writing another book – a so-called prequel (my God what are doing to our lovely language!) covering the period of his childhood, including his memories of living in poverty in a Budapest cellar during the war.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Margaret Drabble book The Red Queen that I alluded to in my last post. I must say for all that I am fascinated by history, I have never given a minute’s consideration to the history of Korea. The author uses an novel device in that she has taken the actual writings of an 18th century Crown Princess and paraphrased them in such a way that the writer is taking the perspective of someone who is aware of everything that has occurred since her death. I highly recommend it.

Milkweed bw

Milkweed looks good in black and white


  1. Interesting about feeling crappy after the flu shot. Makes me continue to hesitate about getting one.

    That milkweed looked like flames swirling! I had to keep looking at it before I realized what it was.

  2. Our good doctor friend (an expert in viral disease) says that it is impossibe to get the flu from the flu shot–but IF you do have a reaction it is MUCH milder than the actual shot. How about that for a dichotomy? Having said that–I hope that you are much better today!!

    • Yes, I’m better – than yesterday anyway. I expect it was just a reaction. Apparently I am immune-comprised since my blood disease was treated with gamma globulin and that’s probably why.

      Joe went for his annual medical today and the doctor commented “I don’t know why you bother coming here – you’re perfectly fine.” Good news! Attitude? Questionable!

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