Posted by: Valerie | November 10, 2009

A published author at last!


The proud author with his book

Yay! This is the big day! We drove into town this afternoon to take delivery of Joe’s book from the post office. The Long Cold Road to Freedom is now available at bookshops near you – well not really, you have to contact the author. It looks really good and Joe is so proud of it. He is really into this writing stuff and has ready finished a book in Hungarian which desperately needs an editor (anyone know a tame Hungarian who would like to edit for very little money?) and the one I mentioned in the last post.

Up in the small bedroom, Kent the sander has taken over from Kent the mudder who took over from Kent the electrician who took over from Kent the drywaller… you get the idea? More sanding tomorrow. This is the worst part for us although we have plastic sheeting draped over the doorway to the room. Having been assured by Joe that there was plenty of paint for the trim work, we did not buy any when we were in town. However, it could not be found anywhere although Joe sought desperately to persuade me that a tin of buttercream paint was as white as white. I’m not buying it – the story, I mean. I will have to buy the paint however. Grrr! Another 50km round trip to town.

It seems that I’m not the only one to have a bad reaction to the H1N1 vaccination. Angela, my daughter-in-law, is really sick although James is fine with the exception of a sore shoulder. Poor Ange has a teething baby to deal with too. I really am sorry that Ottawa is three hours drive from here. It’s too far. Maybe we should move closer to town… we always have these thoughts in winter and then when the better weather comes we really enjoy our country life.

I will have to make a trip to Ottawa pretty soon though as the back of our van is fully occupied with a two-seater couch that James and Angela bought last time they were here and of course had no room to take home being full up with Deklin and Magnus’ gear.

We are to have a brief visit this weekend from Joe’s granddaughter, Katherine. K. is doing her masters at RMC in Kingston and is squeezing in a quick visit before she goes for knee surgery the following week. This will be her umpteenth knee surgery. She is paying the price for being an athlete. So many injuries. My family have all been pretty well free of athletic injuries – maybe because they are not very athletic.  Anna of course runs and rides her horse. She has had stress fractures on her legs and once bashed her pretty little nose when she came off her horse (at the age of about ten), James once got a fractured pinkie playing soccer and I don’t believe Richard has ever had an injury.

What a wonderful few days of Indian summer we have had. I even hung the laundry outside to dry yesterday – and it did! Nothing quite on the scale of the Indian man who has been living in a trailer on a reserve and has just won $50 million all to himself. He has been unemployed since having a stroke and has a family. I wonder what on earth he will do with $50M? Indian summer, Indian fall, Indian winter etc.


  1. Congratulations, Joe. I would like to buy a book.
    How do I go about it?

    • Thanks Betty, Joe is delighted at your interest. We have a limited number of copies and we are dishing them out to the family first and what is surplus, will be available. We will be very pleased to let you have a copy! (I’m sure there will be some left.)

      Cheers, Valerie

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