Posted by: Valerie | November 11, 2009

Ottawa calls…

I’ll be on my way to Ottawa early tomorrow on a rescue mission, so to speak. As I mentioned yesterday my poor daughter-in-law is ill and today went to her doctor to be told that she has H1N1 flu – contracted very likely when she went to get her flu vaccination. Deklin is too young to have the shot so he is unfortunately quite unprotected and Angela is keeping as far away from him as possible. Angela’s Mum has been there until today but couldn’t stay longer so I will replace her tomorrow.   We’ll work it out somehow.


It’s been another  lovely day although it started cold and frosty. I was putting on the kettle this morning and glanced out the kitchen window to see a rose-bush that I haven’t cut back yet with its rose hips encased in ice crystals so I grabbed my camera and went out in my ridiculous fuzzy pink dressing-gown and slippers to take some photographs – and here is one of them. I did wonder if Joe might have his camera trained on me while I was so doing, in order to embarrass me later, but fortunately I was spared that – this time.

Remembrance Day is always sad and very moving. As a recognition of everything it means, I am going to post a photograph taken by a photographer friend, Jean Brasseur, at the Cenotaph last November 11th. I hope that Jean is OK with this. Anyone who would like to see more of his fabulous work should take a look at

Here is Jean’s photo with the caption that he always includes with his photos:

The ceremony over, the crowd surged forward to lay their poppies on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This new tradition tugs at the heartstrings for it comes from the people who care about our troops. Bryce Keller lost his life in Afghanistan defending a people on the other side of the globe because it was the right thing to do. The Afghans also remember such sacrifice.
Cenotaph large

Poppies on the grave of the Unknown Soldier

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