Posted by: Valerie | November 19, 2009


This is always a kind of “blah” time of year for me. November is usually pretty dreary although this year has been an exception weather-wise. The 18th is the anniversary of my husband Warren’s death. I don’t want you to imagine that I sit around moping. I don’t at all but it is always a time for reflection for me, particularly this year as it is 10 years. We were only married for eight.

Warren where he liked to be - by the sea

 Seems unbelievable really. In some ways it seems very recent and in others, quite the opposite.  I imagine how much he would have enjoyed the progress in technology – he loved his electronic gadgets and he would have loved being on some of the social networking sites. Hard to realise that he never knew about 9/11. I smile when I think about how he would have reacted to the price of gasoline. Oh, my, he would have been so mad about it! Warren loved his music; even if we didn’t always agree on what was music.

 As a man, he was a very straightforward person and really was a bad fit for his job at the City of Ottawa with all its back-stabbing and double-dealing. He was also a knight in shining armour and had a definite penchant for rescuing damsels in distress. I wasn’t the perfect candidate for rescue as generally I could solve my own problems but he did really help when someone was causing me bother. With his connections at City Hall he called the cops and poof – that person was no longer a problem.

 I like to remember the fun times we had. We travelled all over N. America. Warren introduced me to camping – not something that had really been on my horizons before we met.  There was the trip from Yarmouth, NS on the fogbound ferry where we played the slot machines and lost of course and Warren couldn’t sign the Visa slip at dinner because his arm was so strained from the machines. Lobster cooked in sea water in little hamlets in Maine. Yellowstone Park – the heat and the stink of sulphur. Peggy’s Cove strewn with flowers after the Swiss Air disaster. Open air walkabout theatre at Twillingate in Newfoundland; open air cowboy theatre in North Dakota complete with horses on stage; the pony swim at Chincoteague; being intimidated in an all-black restaurant in Savannah, GA; being introduced to oysters and Bloody Marys on a dock in the dark in Virginia. Of course I could go on and on but I won’t. Enough to say that we had lots of fun along with usual bumps of married life.

I know that I am really fortunate and there is nothing to regret. And now I share my life with my dear Joe and we are working on our own set of memories. We have been together now since 2003 and we rub along happily in our country life.

Hope this wasn’t too maudlin for you, dear readers. It’s not supposed to be. Smile! I’m smiling!


  1. I loved this one ….well done

    • Thanks, Liz – it took a bit more thought than my usual ramblings.

      Cheers – up to my neck in paint,


  2. Life has come at us both in ways we didn’t expect. Thinking back to 1966, was it when we first met, who would have dreamt that we would both be on the North American Continent , albeit you north and me south. I am sorry not to have known Warren but glad that we have re-connected. Any man who got you camping must have been amazing!!

  3. Yes it must have been late 1965 because I remember that I was pregnant with Richard and felt like a lump and there you were with a mini skirt and long legs and hair down to your bottom, the epitome of dollybird (remember them?) glamour.

    Yep, we have both caught a couple of curves along the way but we’re tough ones. We made it through!
    Good for us!!

    • Dollybird–wow that was many decades and many pounds ago!!

      • Chuckle – “dollybird” now sounds so dated and demeaning, doesn’t it? I asked Joe if he knew what it meant and he answered that it was something to do with Dolly Parton.

  4. I wish I could rearrange those extra pounds into the same places. Sorry you sound “down’–come visit the sun.

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