Posted by: Valerie | November 27, 2009

Visit Huntsville!

It’s been a week since I posted. Oh dear, I’m getting slack. At the end of last week I had nothing of interest to blather on about. It wasn’t a good time as I was struggling to do some things that were new to me and my software would not cooperate so I was generally over-stressed and grumpy as Joe told me directly. For those who know my sunshiny personality, it must be hard to imagine. Right? Right! Oh, yes, and I also had a room to paint. and I was recovering from the perm my dear daughter-in-law encouraged me to get. See the new photo! You are welcome to comment on the new curls – what you see the photo is an “after” photo – meaning after much taming. You should see it when wet. Scary! Ange – I still love you… it was my choice in the end…

Joe and Curly Top in Huntsville

All this is behind me however and Joe and I accepted an invitation to visit some friends near Huntsville not far from Algonquin Park. Our friends have a really lovely bed and breakfast there. November is their off season so although the weather isn’t the best, it was less disruptive for them . We are having a strange November – last year by this time we were up to our armpits in white stuff. This year barely a flake has fallen and we haven’t even got the winter gear up from the basement. Yay! I love it.

Our friends the Jurys – Peter and Susan- put on a wonderful welcome, accompanied by much celebratory wine-sloshing as we hadn’t seen them since the spring. Joe presented them with his book of course which I think they will enjoy. On Wednesday we decided to split the party by gender and sent the men off to masculine places such as Home Depot and Canadian Tire, two places that engender huge yawns in me just at the very thought. Susan and I went Christmas shopping. The town of Huntsville has some very interesting small shops and a lovely gallery where I could have spent thousands without the slightest difficulty; not having thousands to squander, we left after a good browse and went for lunch.

The rain was coming down in torrents and didn’t cease all day but we didn’t melt so persevered to extend our shopping to other side of the street which seemed rather like the “other side of the tracks”. Susan had received a phone call from The Salvation Army, asking not for donatations but for us to shop at their store so we poked our heads in, expecting to withdraw them very quickly. We were most pleasantly surprised. It was bright and clean and well organised. I am sure Joe and Peter would have been humiliated to see us scanning the racks of second-hand clothes but we had fun and I bought a stylish raincoat for $12.00 and Susan bought a camel jacket for $6! Now I call that shopping!

This morning we drove back right through Algonquin Park, expecting the moose and bears to be hanging around the roadsides to wave at us – which they didn’t. All we saw was more rain. Actually Joe didn’t see much of that either as he was sliding in and out of sleep as he had had a sleepless night. You will be glad to know that I was driving.

If you would like to see what the Jurys’ B&B is like, take a look at .

It’s a beautiful spot with lovely people, good food and a delightful atmosphere – and I am not getting paid for the endorsement, honestly. Oh-oh, it’s midnight. Must, must go to bed.


  1. Peter expected to see moose every five feet when he drove across Newfoundland but the biggest thing he saw was a ground squirrel.

    You have italics because you put an italics code in at the start of your link. Go to edit mode and reveal the code and you will see an at the start but no finishing at the end. (I have left spaces around my ‘i’ in the pointy brackets in the hopes that it will all show up, instead of turning into code. I’ll have to add a second comment if I didn’t guess right.)

  2. Ah ha! My comment was read as code. “you will see an -blank- at the start” The -blank- was a lower case i inside the pointy brackets that are over the comma and period.

    • Thanks Julia – I’ll take a look. It was midnight when I finished with it last night and I wasn’t going to mess around any further.

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