Posted by: Valerie | December 17, 2009

It’s Canada, it’s Christmas and it’s c-c-c-cold!

So how are we all getting on? Finished the shopping? Wrapped the presents? Planned the menus, done the baking, decorated the house? Well, maybe you have. Then you are far ahead of me, my friends. My excuse is that it snowed heavily every day last week and we couldn’t get out of here to do anything. The Big Day is just a week away so I guess I’ll have to get moving.

I had some excellent news. I can get my lost diamond replaced without it costing me a nickel. Apparently the contents insurance policy will cover it completely which is a great relief as it is going to cost over $1,100 for the little .25 carat gem. It’s a lovely colour, Canadian diamond, and is really very twinkly! Of course it is not going to match the remaining two in the ring but it will look a lot better than an empty socket. I hope the woman at the insurance agency has got it right and hasn’t misread the policy. I suppose I could read it myself but that is the kind of reading I just can’t be doing with.

Our storm has been over for a couple of days now and the snow has been replaced with bitter, bitter cold. Tonight it’s minus 20. I never thought I would have an electric blanket on my bed but I must say that I am a convert. Jumping into an already warm bed with a good book and a heap of pillows is my idea of a perfect end to the day.

Joe and I bundled up with about all the warm clothes we own and went for a walk this afternoon – not a long one but enough to get the blood moving and I did feel better for it even though I couldn’t even feel my nose by the time we got back.

I like my coat - verrrry cosy.


This being Thursday, we get our copy of the weekly Bancroft Times. The BT is exactly the archetype of a local rag. There is always a colour front page picture of, preferably, a house fire or a crash, maybe a flood or a rescue but if there is nothing dramatic to headline, they come up with a photo of local kids at some event and so it was today. Then there is always a big article about the local business improvement plan which seems to be the reason for internecine wars at the council. (Everyone is related to everyone up here.) Inside there are photographs of local charities receiving big cardboard cheques from local businesses and of course minor hockey results. Letters to the editor is a double page spread and all letters are published in their full unedited, misspelt glory. Most are rabidly right-wing and in favour of guns and hunting. Main headline on the letters page today “Welcome to Bancroftistan”. I only glanced at the letter and it seems to be about the wars at Council but the damn things is about 1,000 words! Of course there are the obits but better still are the In Memoriams. It would be cruel of me to quote, wouldn’t it?

All in all, there is more fun to be had writing about the paper than reading it but somehow you have to give it the once-over or you wouldn’t know that the car dealer had a heart-attack or that the dump man had died and you might miss the Lions’ Bake and Craft Sale. By the way, the editor is incapable of editing, spelling or punctuating. It grieves me.

I’m so glad I have my little home office and can do my work without leaving home. Needs discipline and sometimes that is hard to come by. I have always worked well to a deadline but when things are loose, I find it hard to focus.

Shopping tomorrow – again. Wonder what I’ll forget this time. Why  is that when the supermarket is across the street one never forgets things and when it’s 30 km away, you forget to buy milk?


  1. I know about forgetting the milk, I now buy it at the drugstore in Canning as it is cheaper there and they only carry one brand which happens to be the kind I look for anyway.

    So glad about your diamond. There isn’t much more depressing than an empty socket…..

  2. great…did you ever read that small book; ‘an english woman in Canada? it was pretty good.
    I have lost a diamond too…a great whopping thing about the size of pigeon egg. do you think they’ll believe me?

    • No, don’t think I know that book – not Susanna Moodie? So sad about your pigeon egg diamond – great pity. Actually I don’t believe you either. Sorry.

    • They really wouldn’t believe you if you said it was an emerald the size of a plover’s egg.

  3. Please check with your agent–you may be able to buy a European cut which will fit your ring better than a brilliant cut. If not maybe I have a connection here who will help–the brilliant cut may make the other two look odd!!

    • Thanks, I will talk to her. I am aware that the brilliant cut may look odd.

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