Posted by: Valerie | January 31, 2010

White Rabbits? Wrong!

Alice's white rabbit

As everyone knows it is important that on the first day of any given month, the first words you utter should be “white rabbits”. This morning I stumbled from my bed as fresh as I ever get and firmly muttered “white rabbits” to the cat and felt rather pleased with myself for remembering. I was looking forward to a good month until Joe popped my balloon by telling me it was January 31st not and February 1st.  Rats! Now I’ve got to try and remember again tomorrow.

I can’t say I’m sad to see the back of January – it always seems soooo long. However someone told me today that the end of January means that we are halfway through winter.  Halfway! Is that ALL? It feels as if we are living in bloody Narnia!

Joe and I headed for Peterborough last week as we both had an appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday.  We went in the day before as the weather is so uncertain – never know when we will be faced with a blizzard – so we did a little shopping, had lunch with my book-buddy, Joe’s sister-in-law Pauline, and a book swap and in the evening we went to see Avatar. I can’t remember when we last went to a movie, this being impossible in Bancroft.

Wow! What else is there to say? I really loved it and am so impressed with the 3D. I would go again in a  heartbeat although I’m not sure if Joe would come along. I think he actually liked it more than he is admitting although he just isn’t a fantasy type of fella. I was dreaming about blue people all night. I heard that the Pope has made a statement to the faithful criticizing the film for “flirting with modern doctrines that promote the worship of nature as a substitute for religion.” Does this mean that they are worried? Oh, I do hope so!

White-out conditions next day as Joe had predicted as soon as we were given the appointments for January 28th.We went to our medical appointments next day in really, really awful conditions. Fortunately the news was excellent for me and pretty good for Joe although they want to examine something small in more detail. Then the ghastly drive home. At the beginning it was again almost complete white-out but after about half-an-hour it cleared and all was well.

Since coming home it has been so evilly cold that we have barely ventured over the door. Our feral feline visitor turned up yesterday for a meal. He looked so pathetic with his whiskers drooping from the weight of frost on them. I do wish I could get him to come indoors but although I can now stroke him a little, he runs away if I get any closer. I have made several cosy spots in various places – filling the old dog kennel with quilt batting and sheltering the entrance with a wheelbarrow and also filling a box with cushions and woollies on the screen porch at the door. He has never visited any of them. At least there is no ginger fur or muddy paw prints to be seen. I do hope he makes it through the winter. Certainly when he dines here he eats a huge amount, much to the chagrin of Charlie, the resident cat. He seems to feel that every bite Ginger takes is being subtracted from his own share.

He's a lovely lad, isn't he?


  1. I just saw Avatar for the second time tonight. I am speechless again. There was some much going on in the background that I missed the first time around. I’m looking forward to my dreams tonight.

    • I think I would like to be a blue person and live there. One thing bothered me – what do blue people eat? They are all pretty skinny.

      • Ahem. They are not skinny, they are lithe. There are several scenes where the Nabi hunt for their food and they also enjoy the local fruits. Essentially, they live like NA indians in a variety of environments – coastal, plains, rainforest, etc.

      • I guess I missed that – now I shall have to go again! I did get the NA Indian bit though. I wonder what else I missed. I can hardly believe that Joe sat looking at his watch throughout. I noticed him but didn’t let it interfere with my adventure.

  2. I love your stories. There is always so much going on in your life.

    • Gosh thanks, Betty. It’s not that we are really so busy but more that I make a lot of what little does happen!

  3. Instead of material, fabrics or quilt batting, use hay or straw. Get a bale from a farmer & just stuff it in so that the cat has to burrow into it. It’s much warmer, versatile & smells right.

    • Excellent idea. I will look into it. Thanks Rosemary. BTW can I ask you to send that wool for me please? Let me know how much incl. shipping and I will email the money.

      What does &amp mean?

  4. Just found this criticism of Avatar on the BBC “have your say”

    “I found it painful. The characters are all cliches, with no real motivations, the dialogue is poor and full of horrible clunky exposition, and the plot is torn straight from Dances With Wolves and its ilk.”

    I agree with every word of the above, it is heavy handed, but most of these reviewers forget that this is entertainment–and I was entertained, enthralled by the technology, transfixed by the 3D elements and for a while forgot my troubles. Maybe it is like a Play Station game –maybe the problem with the Oscars is that they shouldn’t be listing movies like this in the same breath as “The Hurt Locker”

    • I missed your comment before – actually I saw that review too. If it were an ordinary film, I would have to agree that the plot is pretty standard and the dialogue uninspired. But the thing is an Experience, not just a movie. Much of it is down to the 3D because you really feel that you are in the story. You are flying when they are flying or running through the amazing scenery. I honestly found myself wondering about what wonderful thing or place I was going to be taken to next. So I think with the suspension of disbelief, one should also put aside one’s normal critical faculties and enjoy the experience.

      • I actually suffered from vertigo when they climbed up the limbs of the tree. I had to take the 3D glasses off. I agree with much of what you say.

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