Posted by: Valerie | February 21, 2010

And so it goes, tiddely pom…

So another week has elapsed and the world hasn’t changed too much – at least my section of it hasn’t. A bit of fuss and kerfuffle at the beginning of the week as arrangements for visits had got all tangled up but new arrangements were made and the week proceeded without further confusion. 

Matt - Joe's grandson

On Tuesday Joe’s grandson Matt made the trip from Oshawa to Bancroft to sit the final part of his driver’s exam that had been seriously delayed by the strike that’s been going on in Ontario and lasted months and months. He decided to take it here as there aren’t the lengthy waits that he would have had to endure in the city. Naturally he passed and because the test was late in the day he stayed overnight – it’s a two hour ride back to Oshawa. I spent Tuesday evening sandwiched between Matt and Joe as they watched Olympic hockey – oh, what a yaaaawwwwnnnn. And it seems that having today endured an afternoon and early evening of curling which to me is less exciting than cleaning toilets, this evening I will have to further endure more hockey – Canada vs US. Hopefully we can at least win this one! National pride depends on it. Fortunately I have a good book, pinched from Jamie’s collection. It is the latest Ian Rankin, “The Complaints” – no Rebus though. 

 Wednesday I loaded up the zippy red mud-encrusted van and set off for a visit to Ottawa. Of course having been bright, dry and sunny weather for several days prior, on Wednesday it was snowing. I dithered about making a long drive in bad weather but it cleared up a bit so I did go. Taking the (supposedly) safer but longer route, it took me over three and a half hours to get there.  It was good to see the kids again – and their kid too! Deklin is a joy. He’s now seven months old and very curious about his surroundings. He is also displaying disturbingly nocturnal tendencies, as witnessed by groggy-looking parents. I realise that Jamie and Angela are the same age as I was when I had Jamie and he was my last of three and considered a “late” baby. Women are definitely starting their families much later than my generation. I’m not sure which is the better way. I think my generation had more energy and less maturity. 

And this is my grandson, Deklin

 Ottawa was looking at its winter best on Thursday and although I didn’t have much time to cruise around playing tourist I did take a leisurely drive down the canal to see the skaters. It won’t be too long now before the event that used to give me such great pleasure when I lived in the Byward Market area – the sound of workers blowing up the ice on the Rideau River. That deep resounding boom did gladden my heart and I loved to go and watch the huge chunks of broken ice flowing over the falls into the Ottawa River. 

 Angela and I left the wee one in the capable hands of his Daddy and his Daddy’s friend, Kris, and went out for the evening. We went for a lovely meal at Moxie’s in Kanata.  I hadn’t visited before and I was really impressed with everything, the food, the service and the drop-dead gorgeous décor. A symphony is black and white and silver. Très, très chic. They also have the most beautiful washrooms I have ever seen. Silver armchairs in the anteroom to the Ladies. 

 Talking about offspring, which seems to be the subject of my posting today, I got home on Friday to learn that Richard had been in hospital for several days with some horrible intestinal infection which caused him to vomit non-stop for several days (Norwalk?). He is much better now however. Then I opened up Facebook to see that Anna, my daughter, has broken ribs! She was out running a week ago, rounded a bend on the trail and wiped out on a patch of ice. She is in a lot of pain and existing on Tylenol 3s. Doesn’t look too good for her next Marathon in May. Poor girl, think I’ll go and call her and see if she’s not too doped-up to talk. Better than watching hockey… and if Anna can’t talk, maybe I’ll call my sister. She certainly won’t be watching hockey.

My daughter Anna before she got hurt


  1. It is good to know that Joe is finished with the stent operation. I know about the groin pain from
    having the attempt at an ablation. Hope Joe recovers quickly. It seems he must have to be wrestling around with a tractor. Really, men!

    I see Joe likes the red pants with the stripe down the leg and the cosy green jacket. He has it on in
    two pictures. How could anyone lie still for 8 hours. That would be the worst (is that a word?) part. Did they use a timer?

    • Re the red pants and green jacket – I’m surprised the hospital managed to persuade him out of them. I certainly have to prise them off to get them in the laundry! He always wears them unless he’s going out. He does change his shirt every couple of days, thankfully! He maintains that he was only working in a supervisory capacity with Tractor Man – maybe.

      I don’t think I know what an ablation is, but I will manage without knowing, thanks. Sounds nasty.

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