Posted by: Valerie | March 20, 2010


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s rather flattering when my readers send requests for a new posting as happened recently, so I am compelled to action. See, Katherine! 

Er… er… what adventures have occurred? None at all. We almost had two different visitors this week (it’s rare that anyone comes to see us!) but we had to cancel both, as I had a special request to go to Ottawa  and babysit the young master while his Mummy tried to get some work done. It was a lovely drive for a sunny spring day, up over the hills to Renfrew and then pretty dull for the last part into Ottawa. Deklin has advanced so much since I saw him a month ago. He is constantly in motion, constantly looking for stimulation. We had a lot of fun together. 

Lunchtime for Deklin


James caused me to blow my new diet by serving his winderfulk (it’s a typo but I think I will let it stand because I like it) home-made macaroni and cheese made with cream and a ton of sharp old cheddar and smoked salmon. Oh, it was sooooo goooood! 

March in Ontario has been kind so far and that even includes Bancroft. We have had almost three weeks of mild sunny weather which has made a significant dent in the snow. We can actually see some grass here and there. What was on the roof travelled rapidly to the basement but not enough of a flood to panic and it dried fairly quickly. Then what was outside, came inside. Creatures that were asleep woke up and migrated into the house. There are ladybugs by the score – I vacuum them up every day – flies of course – an ugly big pine beetle that I found in Joe’s sheepskin slipper and multiples of spiders showing up in the bath and sinks. In fact Joe was in the bath this evening, relaxing happily with a spider frantically paddling around by him. He invited me to join him in the bath but I don’t do threesomes! Joe maintains he never even noticed his arachnid companion as he doesn’t take a bath with his glasses on. Why do spiders gravitate to baths? Anyone know? 

Spring thaw spectacular


Inspired by the good weather I bought a packet of seeds today. Wild flowers for the uncultivated part of the yard. It made me feel hopeful just to finger the package and think about scritching the sandy soil. Soil? An exaggeration – it’s just pure sand really. Only things that will grow in it are pines, birches and straggly poplars. These poor wild flowers haven’t got much chance really. Thought – are they really wild flowers if I plant them? 

Nature’s going to get me for thinking spring too early. There could still be some big spring storms to come. The shovels don’t get put away yet. 

The self-activated snowmobiler cull has been continuing with gusto this spring. And not only snowmobilers have died, car drivers have been drowning themselves in the lakes. Several just around here. Now what do they think? “It’s a nice warm day – think I’ll go for a drive on a thawing lake”. The guys that really deserve the Darwin award though are the snowmobilers in BC who take their machines high up into avalanche territory where there have been severe danger warnings. Now it is a well-known fact that noise triggers avalanches – and snowmobiles are noisy, right? So put the two together and what do you get? Dead idiots and other people who feel obliged to try to rescue them also in great danger. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t bother rescuing them. 

 Although we have been looking forward to a summer trip and were hoping it would be Europe, it looks more and more as if that may have to be canned. The problem is medical travel insurance. Joe’s age combined with the fact that he had a mini-stroke last year has generated quotes in excess of $1,000! Outrageous! Our other option is more do-able and we will probably go to Calgary and take trips in the Rockies. Not too shabby as a second choice plus I get to see my Anna and my sister Sue and brother Robin, if he’s not jetting around somewhere . Whatever we end up doing, we have to be sure to do it while the blackflies invade our yard! And in case they come early this year, I had better inspect my bug jackets. Did I ever mention that I still have scars from last year’s blackflies. I have a photo…but don’t want to put you off your dinner. 

That’s it – I’m going to bed.


  1. I wonder if you could “do” travel insurance the way I chose to, which is to say, I got an RBC Visa card that has a list of travel and other types of insurance attached to it. I pay about $140/year for this card but when I travel, apparently, I am covered. When I went to Florida, I called RBC Visa to tell them to expect unusual purchases on the card (for security) and the very nice man on the phone told me I was also covered if I broke my leg or something and I said, “I thought I had to buy tickets with the Visa to be covered” and he said no! RBC has 15 different Visas (or lots, anyway) so you have to choose the right one. Or you could check with whoever you normally bank with to see if they have an equivalent.

    • What a good idea. I will investigate. Thanks. Good luck with the reading!

  2. How about the recipe for Winderfulk?

    • I’d have to contact the chef! You know, I am not nearly so keen on cooking as I used to be. I remember my Mum went off it completely too. But then they ate out all the time – not an option here.

      How are you feeling about the passing of the Health Care bill? From our viewpoint in Canada we just can’t understand why *anyone – *let alone the whole Republican party would vote against it.

  3. Without a public option (state run like medicare) we are at the mercy of the health care companies and what they want to charge us–I am desperate for the re-organisation of the system but this is not the answer I’m afraid. For the people who don’t have any coverage it is good and the “right thing to do” but it is a bill that will cost too much because we don’t know what secret deals went on behind closed doors in order to get it passed. A lot of politicians will lose their seats becos of this–but as I am voting out all incumbents anyway as a matter of course–they all stink, dems and repubs (of course I am a dem leaning independent) that is a moot point.
    Don’t get me started –there is a lot more to complain about–but some say that at least it is a start!!

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