Posted by: Valerie | March 28, 2010

Auction quickie

I said I would make a special posting about our first auction of the year and here it comes. Joe woke me early which never sits well with me but we had to get out in time for breakfast at a local greasy spoon and arrive at the preliminary viewing and get a front row seat. Well, the breakfast was lousy – our poached eggs arrived broken and swimming in water and the place was too busy to send it back and still get to the saleroom in time. And was that ever a disappointment! There was very little that interested either of us apart from a handful of art deco photo frames that I would have bid on. Bad news though – their credit card machine was out of operation so it was cash or cheque only. We didn’t have either, so we left. Now that was the classy auction sale and the other local auction outfit is a much rougher affair – both in terms of the merchandise and the clientele. The premises are pretty rough too. But we were in the mood for an auction to we betook ourselves to auction #2.

Anyone need a RED bike?

What a heap of junk! There was definitely nothing for me there so I cruised around with my camera. It was no real surprise however that the first sale of the day was made to one Joe Bradford!

A bored bidder...

Joe bought a few miner’s lamps, a junior microscope set for $20 and couple of collectable uncirculated $5 bills in sequence. In spite of the tatty collection of household detritus, this auction probably made more money than the posher version because it was packed and there were a lot of collectors of banknotes and some were quite rare.

All in all, a bit disappointing so home we came.

Earth Hour last night so like good consumers we switched off. None of the visible neighbours did – I wasn’t surprised. I lit candles in some pretty mosaic lamps we have and we huddled up on the sofa and  just talked. It was really very pleasant indeed. We should do more Earth Hours.

Earth Hour in our living room

You will have noticed that I have changed the header for my blog to reflect the current melting muddy mess that surrounds us. Just wait, there will be daffoldils – eventually.

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