Posted by: Valerie | April 5, 2010

Sweet green fuzz

How sweet is spring? Sweet enough to fill the heart and lighten the step! Unbelievably warm weather has opened our lake at last and all but melted the snow in the yard. Easter is over already and we are on the road to summer.

Friday was made Good by Joe and me doing our first spring cleaning of the year by dealing with the winter detritus in our screened patio. It is really amazing what accumulates there over the course of the winter so we were happily washing, sorting, cleaning and vacuuming, spurred on by the fact that we were expecting an elderly visitor in the afternoon. Mary is well over 80, lives alone, and in fact is entirely alone in the world having no children and no living relatives. She has a rather overweight and unattractive Australian Shepherd who is the light of her life but she is no moper and is constantly busy volunteering in the community. She has a lively wit and a real edge. I hope I will do as well at her age!

Yesterday, Sunday, we headed off to Oshawa to visit Joe’s daughter and family. It was a lovely drive over there with the grass beginning to get green(ish) and the animals out in the fields basking the warm spring sun. There was even a hint of sweet green fuzz on some of the trees.

Easter Sunday chez Likuski was a typical family celebration. Both Joe’s grandkids, Katherine and Matt, had their girl/boyfriends there for dinner. Kat’s new man (definitely not a boy!) is a most charming PhD candidate from Queens who hails from Jordan. I hope we didn’t interrogate the poor guy too hard but he was so interesting to listen to. Matt and his Tara look very happy with each other which is good to see. There was a great deal of laughter and an excellent turkey dinner. Liz had made a lovely job of decorating the Easter table and we all got a chocolate carrot. It tasted more of chocolate than carrot however – probably a good thing, don’t you think?

Majd and Kat, Matt and Tara

We came home again today to a power cut in the middle of the afternoon. Given that I could no longer do what I was doing, I started to think up other ways I could usefully use the time. I could… do the laundry … no good. OK, then I could do some vacuuming…er…no…can’t do that either. Well, how about the ironing? Stooopid! So we went for a walk with the cat. He always comes along when we go for a walk on the property. He isn’t allowed to come when we cross the road to walk on the sideroad opposite us as I don’t want him getting squished on the road.  Fortunately he is very scared of cars and I hope he will continue to be.

We returned from our walk to discover that the power was still out so I took my book out to the (clean) patio and had a read. Very pleasant and not something I generally do during the day, always sensing my Presbyterian forebears wagging their index fingers at me in admonishment for the frittering away of valuable time.

I am sitting up late writing this as Joe and have been a watching the final episode of A Taste of Frost which we both have very much enjoyed over the years. The ending was surprising (good) and we were interested to learn that in fact three possible endings had been shot and the other two were available to be seen online. Well, not when I looked! It snootily stated that the video I was attempting to watch could not be viewed from my country. Why the hell not?

Fiction is all very well and fiction is my refuge. However I am greatly enjoying watching the Catholic church self-destruct! About bloody time! Sorry if I am treading on toes here but I despise the bloated, corrupt institution and its apologists. They’ve had 2000 years to get it right and they’ve made a hash of it. I was sickened by the sight of all the gold and glitter of the Easter masses at the Vatican and in fact have felt very uncomfortable in Catholic churches when I visited them to see the art the church has bought over the centuries.  I recognise that we must thank the church for commissioning some of the greatest art, music and architecture in the world. Keep the art and sell the gold trappings and fire the priests. Give the money to the world’s poor and starving as they were supposed to do all along.  Whether Jesus was fact or fiction, the very idea of Jesus would shudder at the horrors done in that name. Close them down. Just cancel them. Leave them to the history books. I could go on but you get the idea?

The Pieta is the beautiful sculpture I have ever seen.


  1. I have to comment. Being a former member of the church (did you know that it is almost impossible to be an ex member–they keep counting you as a lapsed Catholic–but still a Catholic!!) your anger barely touches the edges of mine. As well as the current apparent dismissal of this scandal as media hysteria and gossip, their control over the lives of so many women who are kept in subservience in Latin America and other third world countries, their treatment of nuns, their arrogance and smugness and recent decree that women have no place in the organisation makes me almost incoherent. A man who wears handmade, extremely expensive, RED Italian leather shoes when a large number of his faithful go hungry is not a man who lives a life of humility!!
    Unfortunately, Val, I am so cynical,I see them surviving this as they have survived so many other scandals.

    • Would it please you, then, to learn that Nostramus predicted that the Catholic church will collapse in 2014? Not too long to wait!

  2. Re the Pieta. Is it not evocative of Jean’s email today? Perhaps Michaelangelo was trying to tell us something way back then. He was a tortured soul too. But not a priest. He probably knew as well as anyone what went on in that place of spooks.

    I agree with you both and though it is not confined
    to the Catholic church, they are the most hypocritical.

  3. Pauline and Betty have expressed my feelings regarding the Catholic Church (and most of the other churches for that matter!)…so I don’t have to bother adding my foul language to the comments.

    Love your writings, Val

  4. Yes, Jan–my thoughts are actually directed to all organized religions but from personal experience most heartfelt towards RC. There is much abuse towards women and children in the Mormon church also–one of the hihgest numbers recorded of incest–but we’ll leave that for another time!!

  5. I feel so very far away when I read about your wonderful family gatherings.

    The Pieta is magnificent isn’t it? Michelangelo’s Moses is amazing as well. I believe that Michelangelo’s life was not made easy by doing church commissions, they just made it possible for him to express his talent! And then they preserved most of it so we can enjoy it now!

    But… to me most organised religions are used to oppress someone.

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