Posted by: Valerie | April 14, 2010

Feeling springly

Springly is my new word. I like it. It describes very well my feelings at this time of year. We are particularly lucky to have it come early this year. Even in our northerly garden the daffodils are about to bloom.

I’m happy to report that Ginger is thriving and on Thursday I will have passed the rabies deadline. So all that is over, thankfully.

This posting is not going to be a narrative so much as a visual record of spring as it happens in our yard.

American (Canadian?) goldfinch

These little guys have been hanging around all winter. Usually they are too quick to photograph but this wee chap posed nicely on the tree outside the dining room window. He’s very yellow, isn’t he?

Charlie is pretty springly too!

Charlie is looking quite magisterial but don’t be fooled, he’s hunting! At least he’s on the look-out for prey from this high perch at the bottom of the hill that I see from the kitchen window.

Joe at work! Joe has been very busy taking the barbeque apart and cleaning each piece most assiduously - something I would never do properly as I have neither the patience or the inclination to get into messy degreasing jobs; far as I'm concerned that's a man's job.At the front door the Welcome Chicken is awaiting guests and casual droppers by. There is even a pair of real Dutch clogs for anyone who wants to help in the garden. This is the Welcome Chicken - come on in for tea!

First time this year!

A real red letter day! My first wash of the year to be hung out on the line. There’s something so wholesome about laundry hung out to dry. It smells so wonderful too!
Other things that I have observed over the last few days with great pleasure;  my first flowers in bloom – a clump of purple primulas; a set of heron footprints and smashed shells in the sand at the edge of the lake; buds swelling nicely on the ancient apple that every year we consider cutting down. In spite of the fact that the trunk is completely rotten and hollow inside it still keeps on going from year to year with huge, really nice, sharp-tasting fruit coming late in the year. One day I suppose the tree will just die and fall over but until then we are happy to accept all the apples it will deliver.
Maybe I will finish this little photo journey round our yard with a couple of photos of Joe’s inner sanctum. This is the highlight of spring for Joe – opening up the “shop”.

The door to the mysteries

The treasure trove

This is strictly Joe’s piece of heaven. I only enter when specifically invited and even then I need some persuading!
This post has had a lot of difficulties in the making and I’m too frustrated to try fixing it again. Let it be!


  1. I love your blogs too. Sometimes read them over again and find lots that I missed on first go.
    I have your blog on my Favourites.

    • I am honoured indeed, Betty. It’s good to know you are there. I’m still after Joe for the stuffed peppers recipe. There is no recipe per se. of course. It’s all in his head.He has promised to make them tonight and I will watch him and report.

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